Homeschool Day on the Farm

Mrs. Liz leading our Homeschool Yogis through a flow in the bright sunshine

As our very first Homeschool Year comes to an end, we are spending more time outside. This week we had the privilege of spending the day at Hook Family Farm. Hook Family farm is a micro farm featuring fat happy chickens, a Monarch Butterfly Waystation and environmentally friendly and organic farming. They run a CSA and provide a lot of the produce at a new eco friendly restaurant in Bethany called Heidaway.

The kids were in heaven having class outside! Our little Yogis got to practice their Sun Salutations in the Sun. Mrs. Jannet played games in Spanish and reviewed the names of animals on the farm. We all enjoyed a picnic lunch before Art.

In art, I taught the kids about Jackson Pollock. We discussed the emotional climate after WWII that helped contribute to Pollock's revolutionary style of painting. Then I let them go bananas painting in the style of Pollock. We laid our canvases flat to the ground the same way Jackson Pollock did and watched the effect of gravity on our paint. I think I can honestly say we had fun! When I asked the students how this form of painting made them feel, the overwhelming response was "happy"!

I can honestly say we had a ton of fun and the resulting paintings are gorgeous!

Homeschool Artists Painting Like Pollock

Then it was time for S.T.E.M.! Sheena & Randy Vanderhook were kind enough to set up an amazing adventure for the kids. They enjoyed a scavenger hunt all around the farm learning about pollinators, berries, chickens, tomatoes, asparagus, and compost. They then get to plant our pumpkin patch and will come back in the fall to harvest!! Each child got to take home their own live Basil Plant to care for.

We had such a fun time! Next week we will be Launching Water Bottle Rockets.

If you are interested in joining our Homeschool Program next year, click the Homeschool Link on our website. There are still a couple of openings left in Spanish and Yoga for next year.

And if you get a chance this summer, Check out Heidaway in Bethany! I promise you won't be dissapointed!


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